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Family photo in Burton Library, Burton Ohio

Family photo in Burton Library, Burton Ohio

My Little

Burton Library, Burton Ohio

All five grandchildren:

Baby Klaire, "ON THE DAY OUR KLAIRE BEAR CAME TO TOWN", on Kamille's shoulders in first picture and in Connor’s arms in second picture!

** Note the dedication at the top of the room above the children, Carolyn D. Boak, who initiates the children’s library, is their great great grandmother!

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Kamille's Birthday Circus

In Kamille's Birthday Circus I tell the story of my granddaughter's first birthday, September 24, 2004. I was scheduled to go to Texas for Kamille's birthday. Hurricane Rita was predicted to hit the Houston, TX area the same day, and the flight was cancelled. My son, Kamille's father, was on call as a doctor and was worried about his family. Kamille and her mom traveled to the hospital about 30 miles away to be with him. They were able to bring Kamille's pets, 4 cats and a dog. Thus, Kamille's Birthday Circus was created.

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Up In Nathanael's Room

When my grandson Nathanael was born, February 12, 2004, we were so excited we rushed to Ohio from Florida bearing gifts, many gifts. All of his parents’ friends and family did the same. Everyone rushed to see him when he got home from the hospital, and of course, to see his room. My daughter , his mother, kept saying, “No more, please,” but it seemed to fall on deaf ears. Which is where the idea of Up In Nathanael's Room came from. At only 4 years old, Nathanael adds to the illustrations in his very own book and invites readers and audience to draw the things in their room.

"Up in Nathanael's Room" was also chosen for Amelia Island’s Book Fest and to be read in the schools!

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Connor's First Safari

When Connor was 2 years old, he had to evacuate from his home with his parents, sister, pets and great-grandparents, Noni and "T". Hurricane Ike was heading for Baytown, Texas, in the late summer of 2008. His sister, Kamille, told him that the wind sounded like the roar of Tigers, Lions, and Elephants like they see at the zoo. Thus, Connor's First Safari was created. The second hurricane story, in what we hope won't become a series, was written by his grandmother, Eileen Erikson. The pretend safari story was created to defuse the fears of these two children during this weather crisis. It may do so for other children who could face this kind of situation on day.

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When Collin Says "GO"

When Collin was only 6 months old, we bought him a little car that was like a stroller. He immediately liked the toy and wanted to go all over the neighborhood to show off his new vehicle. His sister and brother, Kamille and Connor, rode their bikes and he felt like a big kid being able to keep up with the family. When Collin Says “GO” is the story of one little boy and the world he shares from his precious little car.

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On the Day Our Klaire Bear Came to Town

On June 6, 2018 our Klaire bear arrived and was a welcomed addition to the Erikson 5 household, now Erikson 6! Brother Collin prayed for a baby sister and sure enough to her parent’s surprise, she was born! Sister, Kamille, brothers Connor and Collin and cousin Nathan are featured in her book credited to Nancy, mother of Nathan. Aunt Mary added to the project by suggesting shirts for the children with pictures of the covers of their books for the new website. Enjoy the adventures of Miss Klaire’s birth, On the Day our Klaire Bear Came to Town.

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Kid Carson, the Littlest Cowboy

The littlest boy in the family is the cowboy! Carson shares his fun on the range!

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Eileen Erikson photo
Eileen Erikson
~ Author ~

About the Author

Eileen Erikson is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She is also an author.

Eileen worked as a nurse for 46 years during which she published her first book, THE PATIENTS OF A SAINT, A NURSE’S STORY in 2003. She also contributed to NURSING THE SPIRIT, a textbook for nursing students.

She is now inspired by her six grandchildren, and has written a children’s book for each of them…almost. KAMILLE’S BIRTHDAY CIRCUS was published in 2008 with High-Pitched Hum publishing company. UP IN NATHANAEL’S ROOM was published in 2009 with 1st Books, now Authorhouse. CONNOR’S FIRST SAFARI was published in 2010 and WHEN COLLIN SAYS “GO” in 2013 by Onlinebinding, now Knopf and Sons. Her latest book, ON THE DAY OUR KLAIREBEAR CAME TO TOWN was published in 2019. Eileen is now working on a story for the newest addition to her family, Carson, who was born this past year.

What comes after that remains to be seen. Stay tuned!

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Lara Lombardo Photo
Lara Lombardo
~ Book Illustrator ~

Marge Townsend Photo
Marge Townsend
~ Cover Illustrator ~

About the Illustrators

Lara Lombardo started her illustrating career as a teen and now is an accomplished illustrator, student and business woman. Lara works in the baking business as well as studies at one the local colleagues in Jacksonville, Florida. Lara has completed Mrs. Erikson’s grandchildren’s series and is able to accompany Mrs. Erikson at various signings in town when able. We look forward to her future endeavors.

Marge Townsend again captures Mrs. Erikson’s story about her grandson Collin. She is able to reflect the child in her book cover and is always willing to go the extra mile. Marge is working on various projects of her own in her caret as an illustrator. An author herself, Marge lives in Jacksonville and is not only an accomplished illustrator, but a certified Spiritual Director and Associate Pastor of her church.

'The Patients Of A Saint,
A Nurse's Story'

"Eileen Erikson is a nurse with a heart. Her story is a loving tribute to the people she has cared for over the years - full of insight and tenderness"

~ Carolyn Murray, Author of 'Walking the Spirit Walk'

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